struts & frets upon the stage

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The "I'm-Only-Dating-You-Because-Of-Covid-And-I'm-Sorry-I-Missed" Saint Valentines Day Show

The Heavens

Y'all. Late again. Didn't get my shit together. Many apologies. Inclement weather. JTP. Xxx

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A Very Special Post-Christmas Covid Christmas Special

Santies Panties

Josh T. Pearson wishes you a Very Covid, Post-Christmas, not-so-special, Christmas Special if he can figure out how to use this online stuff. Now you may be asking yourself, "Why a Christmas/New Year Show after Christmas/New Year?" Well, probably cuz he needs the dough as he's not made a cent all year thanx to Covid, or maybe because he practiced a bunch of Christmas tunes then dropped the ball before the 25th. He's really good at dropping balls. Lots of practice. Tons. Maybe he couldn't figure out how to do his first online gig. Tune in to find out! Call it a Russian Orthodox Christmas. They celebrate Jan 7th. Russians are people too. Why's everyone always going off on the Russians? How-a-about the first annual Josh T. Pearson Praise-A-Thon? I like that. Cash-in-hand. Sounds great! Why so down Charlie? It's Christmas. Errr, was Christmas. Chin up. You got this! Merry Capitalism Y'all! Keep the faith! JTP x